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Lipous is synonymous of quality when it comes to House Music. He started his race in Brazil with residencies in Pacha and Confraria Club. Currently living in Ibiza, Lipous has sets with highlights in Destino Pacha, Heart, Blue Marlin, Nikki Beach, Eden, Jet, Tantra and the support of "It's All About The Music". With a repertoire full of groove and his own productions, Lipous works hard in the studio as head of the label Eleveh Records and presents songs that reached from the top 100 to great DJs sets.

Lipous es sinónimo de calidad cuando se trata de House Music. Inició su carrera en Brasil con residencias en Pacha y Confraria Club. Actualmente residente en Ibiza, Lipous tiene sets con destacados en Destino Pacha, Heart, Blue Marlin, Nikki Beach, Eden, Jet, Tantra y el apoyo de "It's All About The Music". Con un repertorio lleno de groove y producciones propias, Lipous trabaja duro en el estudio al frente del sello Eleveh Records y presenta temas que llegaron desde el top 100 hasta sets de grandes DJs.

Lipous è sinonimo di qualità quando si tratta di House Music. Ha iniziato la sua corsa in Brasile con residenze al Pacha e al Confraria Club. Attualmente residente a Ibiza, Lipous ha set con punti salienti a Destino Pacha, Heart, Blue Marlin, Nikki Beach, Eden, Jet, Tantra e il supporto di "It's All About The Music". Con un repertorio ricco di groove e proprie produzioni, Lipous lavora alacremente in studio come capo dell'etichetta Eleveh Records e presenta brani che sono arrivati ​​dalla top 100 a sets di grandi DJ.

Lipous é sinônimo de qualidade quando se trata de House Music. Iniciou sua carreira no Brasil com residências na Pacha e Confraria Club. Atualmente residente em Ibiza, Lipous tem sets com destaques em Destino Pacha, Heart, Blue Marlin, Nikki Beach, Eden, Jet, Tantra e apoio de “It's All About The Music”. Com um repertório cheio de groove e produções próprias, Lipous atua fortemente em estúdio à frente do selo Eleveh Records e apresenta canções que alcançaram desde o top 100 até sets de grandes DJs.

. Eleveh Records Ibiza
. Pacha Recordings
. Red Drum Music
. Vamos Music
. Recovery House
. Club Session
. Sony Music
. DJ Center Records
. The Groove Society
. Influence Recordings
. Fine-Tunes
. LK2 Music

. Destino (Ibiza)
. Heart (Ibiza)
. Nikki Beach (Ibiza)
. Blue Marlin (Ibiza)
. Eden (Ibiza)
. Tantra (Ibiza)
. Jet (Ibiza)
. Sankeys (Ibiza)
. Rio Ibiza (Ibiza)
. Savannah (Ibiza)
. Tempo After Hours (Las Vegas)
. Pergola (New York)
. City Hall (Barcelona)
. Loolapaloosa (Milan)
. Tocqueville (Milan)
. Ocean’s Ten (Miami)
. Green Valley (Brazil)
. Pacha Buzios (Brazil)
. Pacha Floripa (Brazil)
. Sirena (Brazil)
. P12 (Brazil)
. Café de la Musique (Brazil)


Lipous - Back and Forth
Lipous - Back And Forth
Eleveh Records

"Back and Forth" exudes a classy energy with its thumping House groove and funky bass line. Check it out!

Lipous - Thank You Ibiza
Pacha Recordings

This song was featured in the official video of Destino's opening with Luciano and Guy Gerber.

Lipous, DJ Sanchez - Get Funky

It reached the Top 100 of Beatport for 2 weeks. The tune dive in the rolling Tech-house beat, providing a dancefloor hit to shake your body till the sun rising.


In this podcast you can cross the border and feel all the energy of Ibiza transmitted by Lipous through sets that take you on a journey to the dance floor.



That's what happens when someone makes you feel the vibe of Ibiza. Come together and live this expierence!


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